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BLONDIPOP is an accessible, design lead children’s fashion brand based in New York. The entire collection is currently sourced and manufactured within my home studio. I have always taken pride in doing everything on my own (with my hands) to ensure quality at every level. The collection consists of ready-to-wear girls' fashion as well as outerwear, socks, and accessories. BLONDIPOP is not a trend follower, but a pioneer of style. Every collection is a way for us to tell a unique story, usually inspired by art and pop culture. Our focus is not to be liked by everybody, but to be passionately loved by a few.


Acting as a bridge between fashion & imagination we aim to make sustainable fashion accessible and stylish. Using organic, repurposed, and OEKO-TEX-certified materials to create a budget-friendly one-stop shop for kids of all ages.


Its founder Kaitlyn Celeste is currently studying childrenswear design at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology to graduate in 2024.  Coming from a large family, often unable to afford the trendiest or well-made clothing she was able to see her siblings grow and watch how kids' clothing could be made better, more stylish, all while being more accessible. This background lead her to realize there was so much more room for a new creative vision in the space. A new and unique view on what childrenswear could be; leading her to establish the namesake brand BLONDIPOP in 2023.


 Her aim was to create a brand that produces gorgeous, unique garments for children which are ethically made, long-lasting, and stylish. 

To view her design portfolio, click here

K. Celeste

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